The must-have handbook for creating a well-functioning wardrobe

What’s in the eBook?

  • What exactly is a capsule wardrobe?
  • Capsule wardrobe: where does the concept come from and why is it important?
  • Wardrobe issues: what should I wear?
  • What does a functional capsule wardrobe look like?
  • General and detailed information about a capsule wardrobe 
  • How can I create my own capsule wardrobe? A step-by-step guide 
  • How can I combine my basic pieces? 68 sets of ideas

Why create a capsule wardrobe?

You have no idea what’s in your wardrobe anymore.

It takes you forever to decide what to wear every morning.

Your wardrobe is full of clothes, but you still feel like you have nothing to wear.

You have items of clothing in your closet that have just been sitting there for years and you’ve never worn them.

You liked the item when you bought it, but wouldn’t be caught dead in it now.

You’ve run out of ideas and don’t know how to combine pieces to create different outfits.

Nothing seems to be the right combination, and if you do manage to create an outfit, you don’t feel it’s right.

You keep buying clothes you don’t need and that will eventually end up in the recycling bin.

You just follow the latest trends in fashion.

Do these problemssound familiar? With a capsule wardrobe, they become a thing of the past!

How can you create the perfect outfit every day?

With a well-functioning capsule wardrobe, choosing your outfit for the day becomes easy.

That all sounds great, but what is a capsule wardrobe, you ask? You may have heard the term before, but you don’t really know what it means.

The capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe you create based on your lifestyle. It contains versatile, high-quality garments and accessories that can be combined in an endless number of ways. Because the clothes in a capsule wardrobe are classic, timeless pieces, they never go out of fashion and form the basic foundation of your wardrobe.

It’s up to you to decide how many items of clothing you want in your capsule wardrobe, but determining the number and types of pieces you need can be challenging. 

Luckily, our handy eBook is here to help you create your very own, tailor-made capsule wardrobe! 

No matter your body shape or lifestyle, you can be stylish all day, every day.

Get your eBook today and learn the basics of creating your own capsule wardrobe.

Look inside the eBook

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The Capsule Wardrobe eBook includes 68 sets of basic outfits 

What does the eBook give me?

Based on your body shape and lifestyle, you’ll discover what suits you and what to wear.

Choosing the right clothes will be quick and easy, so you don’t need to waste hours trying to figure out what to wear each day.

Your capsule wardrobe will contain versatile pieces that can be easily combined and will complement eachother in terms of colour and style.

You won’t waste money on unnecessary purchases. Instead, you’ll only buy clothing and accessories that you really need.

You won’t fall for discounts! You’ll be more conscious about following the latest trends and make the right choices.

You’ll have a beautiful, stylish wardrobe full of versatile, timeless, durable pieces.

You’ll also find 68 sets of outfit proposals that will address the problem of ‘what should I wear?’

Read it anytime, anywhere, before going to bed or on the way to work. It’s guaranteed to give you all the information you need about creating your very own capsule wardrobe, confirmed by satisfied consumers!
“The eBook is great, I love it! I’ve learned a lot of new things from it, and I’m going to use them to design my own wardrobe. Thanks!" 

“There’s just too many clothes in my closet, so I decided to become more conscious of what I buy from now on. The eBook has been very helpful as it provides a lot of good advice. I didn’t even realise how many ways a piece of clothing could be worn so that it would give me a completely different look. I recommend this informative eBook to everyone. :)”

“It’s an interesting little read. It provides plenty of recommendations for outfits so I always have something to wear without spending hours thinking about it. I absolutely recommend it to those who often don’t know what to wear. 5 *.”

EW Essential Wardrobe

Hi! We’re Erika Somfalvi and Tina Varga, the founders of the EW (Essential Wardrobe) brand. The idea for our brand was inspired by the frustrations we experienced every day trying to pick out what clothes to wear and feeling each time that something was just not right. Then it hit us: what we need is a capsule wardrobe. Our goal is to create garments and accessories that make dressing up every morning easy and fun. Our philosophy is based on the importance of having basic, versatile garments that stand the test of time and can be combined in an endless number of ways. This philosophy is reflected in all of our collections.

Every piece in our collection represents the slow fashion trend, in other words, our brand is all about sustainability. Reducing environmental waste is an important principle for us and, sadly, over-consumption is one of the biggest problems of the fashion industry today. That’s why we consider the capsule wardrobe concept to be the ideal solution. Ethical manufacturing conditions, adequate wages, the length of the supply chain process, the delivery method and time, the packaging, and the purchased product’s lifecycle are all things that must be taken very seriously. And Essential Wardrobe does just that!


Think about how much money you can save by buying only the clothes you really need! A capsule wardrobe helps you do just that.


Want to create your own capsule wardrobe? Don’t wait, order your eBook now!

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