Did you know that microfibres released during the wash cycle cause serious damage to the environment?

With each wash, countless microfibres from synthetic textiles get into the wastewater and are dumped into rivers, lakes and oceans. They then break down into even smaller parts and can no longer be removed.

These microplastics are consumed by aquatic organisms, giving them gastrointestinal infections, blockages, fertility problems and and can even lead to starvation. These consequences are not limited to our waters, fish and animals. Microplastics also endanger our own health, getting into our food through the food chain and entering our body.

What’s the solution?

The Guppyfriend washing bag is an effective, scientifically proven and patented solution to prevent microfibre contamination. The washing bag reduces the amount of microfibres that ends up in your washing machine while protecting your clothes.

Shop Guppyfriend Washing Bags in the EW shop to keep your capsule wardrobe garments in perfect shape and help protect the environment.

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