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Hi! We’re Erika Somfalvi and Tina Varga, the founders of the EW – Essential Wardrobe – brand.

Our brand’s philosophy is rooted in the importance and diversity of basic pieces that make up every single one of our collections. The idea for our brand was conceived when, one day, we realized we’d become fed up with wasting money on new clothes and trying to figure out what to where each morning. 

Our solution was to create basic garments for every shape and size that could become part of a well-functioning capsule wardrobe.

Our ultimate goal is to provide clothes and accessories that let you dress without all the stress. Every piece in our collection represents the slow fashion trend. In other words, our brand is all about sustainability. Reducing environmental waste is an important principle for us and, sadly, over-consumption is one of the biggest problems of the fashion industry today. That’s why we consider the capsule wardrobe concept to be the ideal solution. Ethical manufacturing conditions, adequate wages, efficient supply chain processes and delivery methods, sustainable packaging and lengthening the purchased product’s lifecycle are all things that EW takes very seriously.

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