Apple shape has generally large bust that worth putting an emphasis on. Generally apple shape has nice legs, also interesting how to put focus on them. The upper part of the body is wider, the bust is larger than the hip. Not defined waist is typical.

                • Apple body shape has slimmer legs and hips, not so curvy in the lower part of the body.

                • Because this body shape has no classical waistline, most of the time large pieces are worn on the top and narrow on the bottom. Tunics, larger shirts are good choices, but you can put layers with longer jackets with a nice longer top.

                • For a real comfort, stretch material is a really good friend as it has more flexibility to follow the bodyform: larger waist, slimmer hip and legs. Therefore apple shape is ideal for stretch leggings/pants or pencil skirts.

                • Due to the larger upper part, V neckline, button ups are most flattering to keep visual balance and use accessories, like long necklace to alongate the bodyshape.

                • If you want a good dress, go for non fitted ones, with larger, casual sleeves, even with pockets, that follow your shape. The lower part of the dress must be slimmer.

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